Smoke Door Inspections

Smoke doors are the most important fire safety equipment in a theater. Properly functioning smoke doors keep occupants from being overcome by smoke and gas giving valuable time for egress. Theater inspections

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Our work is good. We promise. Behind that promise are years of experience installing rigging systems as well as  production work in all aspects of theater. rigging inspections are performed by etcp certified inspectors.  We are not vendors trying to sell you products.  We are theater professionals providing you an honest assessment of the safety of your venue. 

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Our mission is safety.  The only products  sells are knowledge and hard work.  Our inspections focus on safety, not equipment sales.  We go through every line set with a multi point checklist and use our proprietary grading scale to grade the overall safety of your space.  The report can be used as a guide for vendors to generate repair quotes.


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Are things too hectic for your staff to keep up with general maintenance?  We are the solution. will keep up with all the annual inspections and keep all your equipment in compliance and running smoothly.

Training Seminars

One of the best ways to run a safe secure facility is to empower staff and/or students with knowledge.  These can be done as stand alone or packaged with an inspection to save money.