Because there are so many variables, the prices below are only a guide. For a detailed price please fill out the questionnaires on each relevant service page to receive a quote for the service(s) you need.

Please call or email with any questions.  

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Service Contracts run between $500 - $5000 plus travel

          To purchase a service contract there will need to be an initial graded rigging inspection.  A score of 80 must be       

          achieved to commence with a service contract.  If the facility does not merit a score of 80 or higher we will write a

          repair spec that you can put out for bid.
          Every space is different so, pricing and contracts are tailor made to a facility's needs.  A contract for a simple 

          dead hung theater can be as little as $500/yr. while a 30+ line set flyhouse with motors can be $5000/yr.  Please fill out

          the service contract form for a formal quote.  Contact us at 612-281-2002, to discuss how

          we can help you achieve a safe, accident free space.    

Inspections run between $500 - $4000 plus travel

  • $500 inspection would be for a small ladder accessible space with 1-10 dead hung line sets
  • $1000 inspection would be a small to medium space under 20' with 10-15 line sets mostly dead hung  
  • $1500 inspection would be a medium space under 30' with under 20 line sets dead hung and flown
  • $2000 inspection would be most standard fly houses with around 25 line sets + lift rental if needed 
  • $2500 inspection would be most standard fly houses with under 40 line sets + lift rental if needed
  • $3000 - $4000 inspection would be large fly houses and spaces with 40+ line sets and motors or custom gear 

Training typically runs $1000/session plus travel

          Training can be combined with an inspection to save significant money. 

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