RiggingInspection.com has a single mission: Prevent injury and loss of life in perfomance/presentation venues.  We perform rigging inspections on counterweight, motorized and deadhung systems.  Our inspections include all specialized theater equipment: fire curtains, smoke doors, orchestra shells and towers, risers and pit fillers.  We do safety consulting and training with staff and students.

RiggingInspection.com is a subsidiary of Simpsonian llc; a theater installation company that has been repairing / installing rigging systems and theater equipment since 2002.  In our work we have seen a lot of scary rigging. So, we started RiggingInspection.com to (yes it sounds hokey) make the world a better place. Really!   

A rigging inspection is the right thing to do.  Would you drive a car with 20 year old brakes?  If the answer is no, then why have a dance recital under rigging that hasn't been inspected in 20 years? 


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